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We offer privacy protection to all users and visitors to our website. Protecting your information is our first and foremost concern.

Log File Data

This site accumulates and applies information held in log files. These data files are the IP or Internet Protocol address, the ISP (Internet Service Provider), Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, the time of visit, and viewed pages for the site.


This site does use cookies to collect data. Cookies are small text files saved in the computer system by the browser.

Cookies maintained after browsing period called "persistent" Cookies. While cookies that are terminated after a browsing session are called "session" cookies. Advertisers utilize cookies and web beacons to display ads. The visitor's ISP and IP address are beneficial for geo-targeting. Though, cookies can be switched off, this may affect the communication with the website.

DART cookies are used to support Google's targeted ads. Users who want to disable the DART cookie should review the Google Privacy Policy and make necessary adjustments.

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